Locally built.

Locally operated.

Globally available.

Web Hosting

Reach your audience.

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No one opens your physical mail. Why should we open your digital mail?

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Cloud Storage

A secure place for your files and backups. Get up to 100GB.

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Connect to the Internet securely and privately.

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When it comes to online services, value and quality are of the utmost importance.

That is our goal.

Web hosting

Reliable web hosting is important to you. Whether it is for your shower thoughts or for your company it is important that you have a solid online presence. That is why we built this service. Our servers come pre-configured with Grav, an easy-to-use site builder with a plethora of free themes to make site creation easier for everyone. Let’sEncrypt is also included to help you make your site secure.

Private Email

We have no business reading your email. Our service offers encryption for better security and privacy. Unlike other companies, we will not read your emails to target you with ads. It’s like a padlock on an envelope.

Cloud Storage

Take your files with you! Store documents, photos, and more on our encrypted, privacy-guaranteed servers. Choose the storage size that best meets your needs. Go big and have an offsite backup of your computer. Various plans offer up to 100GB of storage. Contact us if you would like to get more.

infinityhost vpnbeta

For a small monthly fee you can have safer, more private Internet access. Our VPN allows you to connect to any network and prevent it from spying on you. As a bonus: ads and trackers are blocked which not only helps you maintain your privacy, but also saves data.


  • Ad blocking for enhanced privacy and security, as well as reduced data usage.
  • Keep others from getting your data from public WiFi.

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Thank you for showing interest in infinityhost! This is still a work in progress, and has been a dream of mine for a while now. Currently none of the services are available, but I am testing a VPN.